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The next generation of Wafer Paper - Cakery Decor
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The next generation of Wafer Paper

It’s easy to create wafer paper flowers using the new Icing Images’ Premium Wafer Paper and Sweet Accents Dies

Wafer paper is made from potato and is used mostly for accents applied to the cake. Wafer paper does not replace the icing sheet, it is just used where the icing sheet is less reliable such as when holding its shape or standing upright is important. It is also more reliable than an icing sheet in extreme humid and dry conditions. An Icing Sheet is a sugar based sheet that is ideal for printing on and applying to the surface or sides of a cake. It is more palatable than wafer paper.

While wafer paper is a solid color, there may be some color and texture variations. This is the nature of wafer paper. Wafer paper should not be refrigerated or frozen.

The benefits of Wafer Paper

  • Thin enough to be manipulated with minimal cracking
  • Slight Vanilla Flavor
  • White sheets perfect for printing images or our iDesigns™ patterns
  • 5 colors! Pre-colored for edible paper art
  • Perfect for the Sweet Accents die cutting
  • Easy to manipulate and holds its shape in humid areas
  • Great for airbrushing
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